Saturday, October 4, 2008

Hie I am Back

Oh my, can’t believe I have not been blogging for almost two months now. Kinda pathetic wasn’t it? Considering all the excessive thoughts that are storming my mind right now, waiting eagerly to be expressed out. So many monopolizing thoughts, so many different stories to tell, I am seriously getting lightheaded. Hehe. Nevertheless, I have this interesting story to share about how merciful and passionate our heavenly father is as he has always been.

Lately, there is a lot of matter that has been keeping me real busy, occupying a large chunk of my time. I was so busy until I totally lost count of the days, mixing up weekdays with weekends. Honorably, I have been accounted by my fellow group members to make an important call to a welfare home (for our group project) seeking to clarify some important issues yesterday. And due to my crazy schedule, I totally forgot about the task and fail to make the call. There I was, laying down happily on my bed after an eventful day, knowing that everything will be fine when I open my eyes the next morning after sharing a long and intense ‘personal time’ with God, completely ignorant to the unaccomplished task.

So, when I open up my eyes this morning, welcoming yet another wonderful day, memories of the assigned duty came back to me and I was terrified. Oh no, the welfare home is closed on weekends (to phone calls) and the proposal paper is due on Monday. What should I do? As I was pondering on my carelessness, I suddenly remembered that I manage to get hold of the person in charge’s personal contact number through persistent request. However, I threw the paper housing the crucial information after being able to speak to him through the general line as I do not want to violate people’s privacy unnecessarily.

As a last minute deviant resort, I drove back to ss2 all the way from Subang Jaya and search through the huge bag of garbage outside the house. Through his grace, God enabled me to locate the paper. Feeling blessed, I thanked God repeatedly and hurried into the house to make ‘the call’. However, the call was unanswered even after a number of attempts. Feeling slightly discouraged, I went online and starting chatting with some close friends to cheer myself up while thinking of a backup plan. After about an hour, I decided to try again and guess what? He picked up the phone and answered all my queries. Now, we are back to square one and the proposal in on its way. Thank you Lord. I love you.

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