Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Random Post

I wonder why?

I have so many positively inclined thoughts to be penned down but somehow they never find their way through to my blog. And yet, those negative insights lingering within my mind will somehow end up being posted.

Funny eh? The only explanation I can think of thus far is that, positive thoughts can be put off but my negative thoughts need to be expressed out before it can be eliminated.

Poor readers of my blog, have to put up with all those negative comments.

Anyway, below are lists of some of the most recent positive comments I have to share but didn’t manage to post.
1) I went out for a fulfilling movie outing with my two ‘future best friends’ on Deepavali day. We enjoyed ourselves there. Plus, I went there with my sis and cousins. Their company throughout the journey to Midvalley was a real blessing J
2) I attended a very interesting lecture today. A very insightful one indeed.

That’s all I can remember for now. Will elaborate on the two uplifting experiences if possible


1 comment:

lordson said...

social psych taught us that we tend to focus on negative thoughts, so though we have hundreds of positive things, one negative things can be more apparent than others.

So, you're normal, but don't conform to worldly norms.

Life rocks, depends which lense you choose to view it with.