Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Ever ‘Orang Asli’ Trip

Yesterday was my first trip to the ‘Orang Asli’ settlement in Kampung Batu, Pahang. The journey started officially at about 9.45a.m from SS15, Subang Jaya after some unforeseen delays. Three quarters through the way, we stopped at about 12pm to get a dose of the infamous pork wan tan mee in Sang Lee Village, Pahang. After satisfying our hunger pangs, we continued on our journey to Kampung Batu, traveling off-road in four wheel drive vehicles. The road was rocky and bumpy but we manage to reach our destination without much obstruction.

Our destination, Kampung Batu

Once there, my cousin Esther and I waste no time and toured around the little ‘village’ under the guidance of Mr. Leong Kok Wai, our ministry team leader. Our first destination was a little ‘Atap’ house five steps away the community hall (a hall built by our church members for the villagers to gather around during events and fellowships) housing a little ‘Musang’. It was so tame and cute that Esther and I had to play with it.

The cute little 'Musang'

Front and up-close view of the cute creature

Awww... How sweet and cosy too.

After enjoying ourselves with the lovely ‘Musang', we continued on our little tour.
We went as far as the waterfalls the villagers use to wash themselves up. The kids were having their weekly bath when they saw us. They were so shy in our presence they started to shatter away, hiding as soon as we approach. It was a hilarious scene, really.

The waterfalls where the kids were bathing

We had lunch together with the villagers (yes, the wan tan mee was just an appetizer), joining into their conversations, trying to break the ice. The villagers were particularly shy with Esther and I, as this was the first time we were introduced to the community.

After lunch, a few of us continued with the kids’ coloring class. At first, the boys were really shy and refused to talk to me. But in the end, they start to lift up the barrier bit by bit. A good start I shall say.

Me and some of teh kids at the 'coloring class'

After the class, we bid goodbye to the villagers and continued on our journey out of the village to Bentong hospital to visit baby ‘Elijah’, a strong willed toddler who was down with cough. I get to try my hands on the four wheel drive on our way out. Not the entire journey, just the less bumpy roads but it was a good start. Besides, I got good comments. So happy :). Didn’t know driving a 4WD off-road was that challenging and fun.

A log we have to pass through. Cool!!!

Ever imagined me driving this vehicle? I just did :)

After visiting baby ‘Elijah’, we moved on to our final destination, ‘makan place’. Had a luxurious dinner and off we go, back to our home sweet home. We reached SS15 at 9pm and called it a day.

It was a fun and exciting day for me. Longing for my second ‘OA’ trip :)

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