Sunday, October 5, 2008

Thanking all my lovely caring friends

Like I said, I really am blessed. I put up a post about what I have been doing lately with no intention of proclaiming to the world how stressed I am lately (seriously). But then, all those concerned nice friends of mine are sensitive enough to sense it (not that I am excessively stressed, just a little) and pampered me with scores of soothing and encouraging words. Just wanted to say thanks especially to Jun Min and Mun Yeu, the two little close friends of mine that are experiencing some degree of stress themselves. Cheer up and ganbatte. We shall fight off stress together!

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Mun Yeu said...

Sigh...I'm just your LITTLE close friend eh?? You devaluated sad...Haha~~just joking...thanks alot for including in your list of close friends... ^^