Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Miss Couldn’t Care Less

Here I am, stuck in the library with the noble intention of finishing off my assignments and free myself from the Miss Last Minute guilt.

As much as I wanted to, I must admit I am someone who gets distracted easily. Guess my auditory processing cortex is a little bit more sensitive than that of normal humans (Is that a good thing?)

Sitting beside my table are two lasses, heavily indulged in their juicy gossips about people around them. Not that I am a nosy person to begin with but my extra-sensitive auditory nerves keep firing impulses to my brain to be processed and so, involuntarily, my ears joined their conversation.

Despite trying hard not to be distracted, my concentration is undoubtedly diverted by conversations I have zero interest in (I am serious though it may sound contradicting), praying that they will finally realize library is not a place for gossipmongers. LoL.

To all my college mates randomly scattered around this building or beyond, all the best in your assignments or studies (we have exam tomorrow…Noooooooooooo!!)

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