Sunday, October 19, 2008

DESSERT our way to reversing 'STRESS'

With loads of assignments pilling up and midterm around the corner, all of us (Bpsych students) are stressed out to the extreme limit.

But no worries, aid is on the way.

Professor Grace is here to suggest an easy way out to eliminate all the intoxicating stress accumulating inside us.


Yes, DESSERTS. That’s the key word.

Sounds too simple? Well, I have some rationale explanation to support my hypothesis (Hehe, PSY105 addicted)

1) Desserts are sweet and eating sweet delicacies has been proven to enhance one’s mood. In another word, eating desserts make us HAPPY. The happier we are, the less stressful we will be :P

2) If u take the word STRESSED and reverse it, you will get the word DESSERTS.
Remarkable ay?
The instruction is simple. Reverse STRESSED into DESSERTS and eat it up. Then you will always be stress free and dessert-ful. ~ho-ho-ho~



Lordson said...

Interesting =)

Read this somewhere before though, food makes people happier, i think, must go search for lit review, then run some analysis and then write discussion to conclude this!

sk said...

oh stressed~ i didn't had my dessert yet the other day..i hope it's still there hehe

Grace said...

Lordson : Oh dear, pull-lez.... are you having research methodology version 2 or 3?
Anyway, interesting leh? Hehe

Grace said...

Ko, It's still here but better come get it's erm....trying to seduce me into eating it

E-V said...

woww... this explains why i kept looking for snacks to munch on when i'm studying... haha... didn't feel any better tho but only managed to satisfy my taste buds... sigh... stress can only be "cured" after the real deal is over.... haha =D

Grace said...

Evie dear....
Haha, not really sure.
Let you know when my fren (Lordson) here found the literature review or do some research on it...
Ahhh...I know, we will suggest to Dr.Albert to get the juniors do research on cruel but I like it