Thursday, August 7, 2008

A day to remember

I had an appointment yesterday with a close friend from Korea, Jeong Su which I happen to meet during a mission trip to Thailand a couple of weeks back. She was staying temporarily in Malaysia for some evangelical work before embarking on a two year mission trip to America.

I was given the privilege to visit her at her host in which she prepared a simple but tasty Korean meal for me. We were joined for dessert by another Korean friend, Shinae who will also be going for a two year mission trip. The entire meal was prepared by Jeong Su.

The awesome meal prepared by our Korean Chef, Lady Jeong Su

The bean paste fondly known as 'Samjang' by the Koreans

Opening ceremony ~ho~ho~ho~

Korean style of eating ~ wrap up the rice and fried vege with lettuce leaf with together with 'Samjang' to enhance the flavor

After enjoying a decent meal, the girls decided to try me up for a Korean traditional costume which Jeong Su brought along. Although sweating profusely in the dress, I enjoyed the experience. I had a fare share of pictures taken in the lovely dress which will be uploaded as soon as I receive it from the adorable Shinae.

After enjoying the meal and the costume, I brought Jeong Su for a tour to HELP University College. After that, we went to Subang Parade for a shopping spree in which she manages to secure a pair of exquisite white shoes.

As our tummies started to growl, we went food-hunting for the best place to eat. I suggested ‘Uncle Lim’s CafĂ©’ in view of the local delights it cater. I ordered ‘Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang’ and ‘Uncle Lim Curry Laksa’ for Jeong Su as she is very fond of spicy food. To my delight, she loved the food and was having a good time enjoying her meal.

After the meal, I sent her off to the LRT station and we bid farewell for the night. It was truly a memorable day. Thanks Jeong Su.

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