Friday, October 17, 2008


So many things happening, so many thoughts swarming my mind, so many stuff to cater to, so little time to stop and ponder, so many tendencies to hurt someone inadvertently and I just did. Way to go girl.

Can’t believe the first post about us is an apology post. There is so much that I wanted to express, so many touching scenes. And yet, all I can say now is ‘I am Sorry’.

Actually, I don’t think you are the only ONE I hurt, there is someone else. And I bet he knows I am referring to him (if he ever reads this post)

Why do I keep hurting people that are dear to me? People who cared for me with all their heart. Am I born to ruin people’s life? Will I ever stop stinging people’s fragile heart?

To You:
I am sorry, sorry, sorry. Besides this, I don’t know what else can and should I say. I can’t believe I made you cry. This is ridiculous. I think you made the wrong choice. A bad choice. A choice you should never have opted for from the very beginning. Don’t you think it’s time for you to reconsider your values again? Distinguish what’s worthwhile from what’s not?

To Him:
I am sorry too. Yea, I read your PM. Yea, I read your touching posts. Yea, I am aware of your feelings. Sorry for acting as if nothing happens, sorry for being so selfish and greedy to try to keep you as a good friend despite knowing that it will only bring you tremendous grievance. Sorry.

To Myself:
What are 'you' crapping about? I think 'you' have transformed into the ‘Crapping Queen’.
Irritating, selfish little crapping Queen. LOL

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