Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Always in My Heart

Since I am still in the refractory period, i.e : desensitized to the extent of completely not being able to work on my pilling up assignments, I decided to write a post in dedication to one of my close friend, Daniel Teoh whom I hope are now save in the arms of God.

Despite being 25 months younger, Daniel has always assumed a very protective role over me even from the very beginning of our acquaintance. It could either be his natural inclination as the eldest in the family to look after his girl friends or me appearing weak and fragile (though I am not in actual fact), conning him into thinking that I really needed his care. I guess both reasons are pretty valid.

There are lots of sweet memories being shared between the two of us and it is not easy to accept the fact that he is gone (although it has been 2 months now), especially when he is just so young. Not even 21.

Pretty often, I find myself trying hard to retrieve the memories of our last conversation together. How did it go? Did I say something hurtful to him unintentionally? Suddenly, every single word that came from me during that last earthly conversation we shared became very crucial. But no matter how hard I tried, the memory seemed vague. It upsets me a lot but it also gave me a very important message, a lovely word by the name of 'appreciation'. To appreciate all the lovely souls God sent to bless me, those who are still close at heart and at psyche as well as those who seemed distant away. To childhood friends as well as newly formed acquaintances.

To everyone who is reading my blog now, I love you no matter who you are.

To Daniel, memories of you will always exist, safely kept deep in my heart, no matter where you are. Thanks for such a wonderful friendship, my dear friend. Missing you always.


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SzeYi88 said...

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