Saturday, November 1, 2008

A Sweet Gift From a Sweet Friend :)

Yay… It is finally November.

This year in particular, I was looking forward to November very much. Guess there are a few reasons for it.

But the main reason remains as….it is my Birth Month….Yippie…

After so many conflicts, issues and dilemmas, I am really looking forward to a good time on my birthday and perhaps some nice presents (hehe, hinting…)

Anyway, since today is the first day of my favorite month, I would like to set the ball rolling with positive comments on my blog.

Yesterday was a dramatic day for me. But I believe the joyful events superseded the unpleasant experiences.

Since yesterday was Halloween, the Peer Support Group (PSG) who was partly in charged of the ‘Big Event’ set up some sub-events prior to the Big Day to collect some money for the party. They came out with the ‘Tricks or Treats’ segment where people can ‘trick’ or ‘treat’ their lecturer and friends by paying a certain amount of cash for a certain prank or ‘treats’.

One of the treats that were available was a stalk of rose. Honestly speaking, as a girl, I would really love to get the rose. In fact, I was thinking of buying the rose as a ‘treat’ for my two future best friends, Yen and Jia Min but scrapped off the idea when I saw the price. RM8. Considering my financial status lately, I reasoned that it was not a good idea. Besides, I think it will be more meaningful for them to get it from a GUY instead.

Anyway, I really love the rose as it was blooming so beautifully (I saw it). So, yea, deep inside my heart, there is this flicker of wish that someone will get it for me. I don’t mind if it’s from a girl friend. But I didn’t really expect much so as not to be disappointed.

Nevertheless, a nice, sweet and caring close friend of mine somehow thinks that I deserve the rose and get it for me. Plus, he got me some chocolates as well. He must have known my favorite junkies is chocolate and decide to brighten up my day with a dose of these amazing little mood-enhancers. THANK YOU SO MUCH. I REALLY LOVE THOSE GIFTS.

Thus, this post is an appreciation post to acknowledge your SWEET thoughts that really brightened up my gloomy day. You might not realize but it meant a lot to me. Really.

Thanks so much SWEETIE. I will not forget your SWEET thoughts.

To make sure my memory of 'it' remains forever, I decided to take a few shoots of those memorable ‘treats’ and put it up in this post.

The chocs that help give the dopamine i so much needed

How it looks like with its wrapper.. Can't believe this thing cost RM4

The ever so lovely stalk of rose from Mr. Sweet

Same rose from another angle

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