Thursday, November 6, 2008

Counting My Blessings

A friend reminded me about how blessed I am.

This prompted me to type a post to share about my blessings…


As mentioned in the previous post, I lost my house key, how do I get in and out of the house then?
My housemate left his key on the table so I manage to open the door and pass the key back to him in my own special way =)
Blessing 1

My car key.
How do I manage to get my car out (of the place I parked it) and back home?
My mum is so brilliant (or she knows how careless her daughters are), she entrusted my aunt with the car’s spare key. And there is this sweet friend of mine who is so nice to go get it for me.
Blessing 2

I had to get out of the house later than usual. And today’s class was at 12pm.
Judging at HELP’s parking system, days when classes are at 12pm will grant me no parking space and I have to cruise along the parking area for quite some time before some good Samaritan decides to stop loitering around the college and go home. So, I prayed to God before I left home and guess what? I found a parking space without any hassle. Talk about the power of prayers.
Blessing 3

As a matter of fact, my whole life has been a blessing =)

Thanks Lord
Thanks mum and dad
Thanks sis
Thanks to all my family members
Thanks to all my friendly and fuzzy Friends

You all make my day :)

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