Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy little Mary Magdalene

Wow…November is really a HAPPY month.

So happy, happy, happy.

Everyone’s blog seems to be full of happy stuffs and so is mine.

Just came back from a drama rehearsal for my church’s kids’ bible school. For this drama, I play Mary Magdalene (can imagine or not?? I can’t actually….haha)

The rehearsal was so funny with Eu Joe (a church friend) around. The supposedly serious and sad scenes became comedy and we end up laughing throughout the entire rehearsal.

Since the drama was directed to the kids, all our actions must be exaggerated. Imagine me being shocked, crying out loud in a kid’s tone and doing all those funny expressions. Seriously, I must rehearse it myself in front of the mirror to see how I looked.

Anyway, I had a really great time today.

Had a great time yesterday.


I am positive that I will have a wonderfully superb time tomorrow as well as for all the days after tomorrow.

In a nutshell,
Will be happy forever just like Cinderella.


We are all in HAPPY land.

If you are to find happiness, you must first open your eyes and see it

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