Monday, November 10, 2008

My Two Current Best Friends

Apart from my two future best friends, I still have two current best friends that I am missing a lot.

Planning a meet up with them. Hope it will work out eventually….

Anyway, just a little updates about them

First : Miss Kam Kher Li, a cute and carefree girl who doesn’t seem to be bothered by anything but yet, cares for my deeply..Thanks dear.
Tag : Curly

Second: Miss Bavarhni Subramaniam, a steady and cool girl who always comes to my aid whenever someone tried their hands on bullying me, just like a big sister I can always count on…….Thanks too dear.
Tag : Bawang

My tag : Bo…Ey…(pronounced as BoooooEeeeeeee)

Miss my time with them a lot :)


curly said...

Touched..... T_T
Hope v cn meet up soon!

Grace said...

Gurl, tot i just met you yesterday? me next Sunday...hehe