Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Dear Friend Lai Mun Yeu….


Lately, Mun Yeu has turned into a complainer, keep complaining I did not post up anything about him so here goes Mun Yeu (hehe, jkla….you are not that mean but still, as promised, I would love to blog about you)

Mun Yeu is my ex-secretary (can’t believe it’s EX now). A very good one indeed.

He used to help me keep note of my hectic schedules, update me about any new assignments or projects, and does my printing stuff for me (oh no, I sound like a ‘nasty’ boss huh….)

Now, everything has changed :(

Haha, actually nothing much has changed. Apart from the fact that he is no longer my secretary.

Lately, I don’t get to mingle around with him as much as I used to. So, whenever possible, I will try to have a little chat with him and update myself about this close friend of mine (Yes, I did that just in case you don’t know…. =P)

Today, Mun Yeu and a few batch mates of ours went for their routine badminton game. I was supposed to join but couldn’t make it due to a few unforeseen circumstances.

Kinda sad for missing it. Promise you will invite me again next Tuesday?

Anyway, my apologies for crapping but my mind is really all jumbled up now, trying so hard to finish up the ACP translation before tomorrow’s group meeting.

And I have to be in Subang by 8pm (which is very unlikely looking at the way things are progressing) for some kid’s drama practice….

Forgive me dear friend….

But before I end, there is this one thing I would really like to say….it’s a blessing to have known you and I hope our friendship never dies

Remember, just as you did and is still doing for me and all our friends, I will be there for you if and when you need me =)

Just call my name, and I’ll be there

Friends Forever

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