Friday, September 18, 2009

The Lovely Garden

After a long hiatus, I think it is time for me to scribble something unto this lovely website of mine. After all, it is a place for me to rant and share bad/good experiences.

First, I am glad to be welcomed back here in Malaysia by a group of loving friends. Though I have spent 4 months away from them, 'The Garden' still has a place for me :)

Let me introduce you to my lovely friends that together made up 'The Garden'

We have
1) owner of the garden : Valerie Chua
2) The flower growing in the garden : Leow Jia Min
3) The grass that bring peace and serenity to the garden : Hillary Chew
4) The little butterfly flying around beautifying the garden : Evie Chua
5) The cute little bee buzzing around the garden : Ng Zi Yen

And of cause, last but not least ME (the colorful rainbow that shines the garden day and night and make the whole garden colorful..hehe)

There might be some arguments here and there between us at times (I guess) but all in all....we still make a great 'garden'...

Thank you girls for being part of my life

1 comment:

Valerie Chua said...

Hey! I just managed to find your blog! LOL! I love how you desribed the Garden! But you should update a post with new added Garden gals, Clover & Dragonfly. haha! Thanks for being part of my life!! :)