Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Xiao Chao

Today is 'little grass's' birthday..
Happy birthday little grass...

So sad cant celebrate with you cause I am so far away...Wish you had a good time...and enjoy yourself to the fullest ya...I miss you

And also I would like to wish Yen a happy belated birthday :)
I cant join Yen's birthday celebration too :(

Well, guess what?
I am gonna miss both my BF's birthday who happen to fall on the same day......


Chia Wei said...

Its okay love...

You can wish us together.

Jia Min said...

haha. :)ya hor. one boy friend one best fren hor. haha. no prob! we'll be glad to know u're there for us then can d! right chia wei? :P