Friday, September 18, 2009

Some Interesting Facts About Homo Sapiens

Lately I've been continuously impressed by the many facets of human personality. One of the many interesting facts that I learn includes how our behaviors are sometimes contradictory to who we actually are. For example, if I am a person with low self-esteem, I will usually appear proud and boastful just to feed my frail self-esteem. The sad part about this is that sometimes we don't do it on purpose. We somehow believe that we are confident and deserve to be confident. We don't know who we actually are...due to certain defense mechanism that decide to block everything up in order for us to continue striving in this demanding world. I wouldn't call this a bad thing but rather, a fascinating ideology.

Lately, I have been going through certain ups and downs in life that taught me a lot of life's valuable lessons. Although some of the experience are not something I would choose to go through, I am still grateful for the lessons learned.
However, I suddenly realize that no matter how much I learn, it is never adequate. What I mean is that whenever I think I have learned enough about a certain issue, I realize I am far from enlightenment. Guess that's how the phrase, 'learn till you die' come from. It also helps me realize that we can never lear everything in life....Just learn whatever we can and be sure to apply it :)



krishna kashyap av said...

Awesome facts
and very interesting.
Very well said..
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Anonymous said...

i dont think your story gave any facts on homo sapiens.