Friday, July 11, 2008

A special dedication to my friend Lee May

In order to ease the boredom of my beloved friend Lee May while she is working away from home in Alor Setar, Kedah during the weekdays, I decided to fill her time with one additional post for her to read.

Since I am not granted ample time to draft a long and meaningful post, I decided to make her the main character of this post, narrating this charismatic lady in a simplified manner. After all, it is written specifically in dedication to her.

Lee May is a nice and caring friend whom I had the privilege to be acquainted with during my teen years. We were classmates for 5 years, sitting just a table away from each other.

Physically, this close friend of mine is slender, has a healthy complexion, and is gifted with the height of a supermodel. However, her most appealing asset would be her pair of big sparkling eyes. My friends and I have always tried to convince her to take up modeling, envisioning that one day she will be walking down the runway.

Despite all the sweet talk and girl persuading power, she chose to venture into the health line, volunteering herself to enhance the quality of life of the ailing. This is the selfless aspiration of a young noble girl with a heart of gold.
Me and the hot babe

P.S. To all the bachelors out there, Lee May is still single but not for long. So, don’t miss out on the golden opportunity to get to know this charming young lady.
Lee May, since I won’t be around to update this blog for a while, you can check this post on and off to see if there is any guy that would be more than happy to help me ease your boredom.


leemay said...

OMG!!! Grace..are u 'selling' me? haha. looks like this post will be up for a long time since now u r gone in some jungle in Thailand. jeez. *faint*. faster come back and update post!!!

Elle said...

Free advertisment for Lee May XD
Nice post ^^

Grace said...

Hehe, sorry la. I just came back. Need to rest a while before blogging again.

Thanks elle. You want one?