Friday, July 11, 2008

Embarking on a compelling mission

In a day’s time, I will be catching a bus up to Genting Highlands to join a mass of people for a meaningful 6 days conference, preparing us for a momentous outreach towards a number of participating countries around Asia. There are eight Asian countries involved in this outreach program namely Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, India, Japan, Taiwan and Philippines.

The outreach country that I will be visiting is Thailand, our neighboring country. Seven outreach members from different countries and I will be forming a troop and work hand-in-hand to reach out to the marginalized Burmese community who are seeking refuge at Sangkhla Buri, the border town between Thailand and Myanmar.

Our focus will be on the illiterate Burmese children who were robbed of their schooling privileges from the Thai government, classifying them as foreigners. This left the impoverished refugees with no identity papers, severely diminishing their employment prospect.

Equipped with the knowledge and skills we are bound to garner from the conference along with God’s grace, the eight of us will depart to Sangkhla Buri hoping to be successful in enhancing the Burmese refugees’ standard of living.

Wish me all the best :)

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