Sunday, June 8, 2008

Two Choices

A while ago, I read an interesting e-mail from a friend entitled ‘Two Choices’. That pithy e-mail tells about how we can always choose our own reaction towards a certain predicament that befalls upon us. Even though it seems mundane, I totally agree with what it says. Thus, I set out on a mission to put the advice into practice. Let’s view how I fared in this quest of mine.

Scenario 1
A week ago, I joined my cousins for an evening in the swimming club. While lazing on one of the benches around the pool, I saw a few sexy babes wearing bikinis, exposing their slender body. As much as it was a feast for my eyes, it created a deep sense of intimidation upon me. Thoughts began to swarm my brain, making me feel vulnerable. Words like ‘I wish I have those bodies’ keep rehearsing themselves inside my mind. In the midst of those lingering thoughts, I am suddenly reminded of the two choices philosophy. At that instance, I gave myself two choices. Either I develop that jealousy into a burning desire to strive hard and gain a similar sexy figure by adhering to strict diet regimes and heavy exercise routines, or I happily reassured myself that I am so much luckier than those ladies for I have one less problem to worry about, maintaining that ‘perfect’ figure (which is terribly taxing). I chose the latter.

End result ~ I learnt something new that day. How to appreciate myself as another one of God’s wonderful creations.

Scenario 2
I have had a bout of emotional swirls for the last few days. It started off with my dreadful results coming into my hands. With all due respect to the emotional preparation I made myself go through, I still couldn’t help it but feel sad. During these periods of despair, I repeatedly gave myself two choices. Continually implant a sense of absolute worthlessness into myself, or the smarter option, allow myself a brief moment of depression before summoning all my brain cells together and work out a better alternative to supplement my unpleasant results. While the preferred choice works occasionally, the feeling of angst continues to haunt me periodically. This in turn takes a negative toll on my temper, steering me to vent out my anger over trivial matters. At one point, I even lost myself completely, bursting out in tears over what seems to be insignificant issues. Guess I failed to entirely incorporate the two choices methodology in this particular scenario.

End result ~ I console myself with the infamous ‘perfection belongs to God alone’ quote which works out just fine.

Judging based on my performance from both scenarios, I shall be honest and admit that I have not mastered the teachings completely but at the same time, deserved a pat on the shoulder for my effort and partial success.
Well done Grace!

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