Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Life in The States

Today I went to an animal sanctuary and voluntered myself together with some colleagues to cater for the cats and dogs in that sanctuary. Although we did not manage to do much, it is still an experience :)

My life so far has been adventurous and fun-filled. Went on a bike ride cruising along the national park witha colleague who is nice enough to give me that ride.
Will soon be four-wheeling off a dirt road and I heard it is loads of fun.

The places I have been so far is quite numerous and I am making the most out of my brief stay here in the states.

God has been blessing me continuously but I have not been very devoted to Him. This saddens me and I am trying to be more devoted. Please pray for me fellow Christian friends.

Despite all that, I still miss all my friends back here in Malaysia.
How is everyone?
Any updates about interesting things that happened in my absence?
I really want to know about the stuff that have been happening to all my friends so do update me if possible ya?
I love you guys


Jia Min said...

grace!!! :) hope u're doing well.. anyway gal.. we'd celebrated xiao cao's bday today!~ go my blog n check out the pic :) heehee..

Ahmad said...

Grace! When are you coming back? Lol :p Looks like you're really having fun!

Grace said...

JM: Wow...so fun..okok, I go check. She is not online I cant wish her happy birthday...so sad

Grace said...

Ahmad, hey I didn't know you have my blog address...
Ya, having loads of fun but still missing you guys back in Malaysia...Howz life so far?

Ahmad said...

I found it through Chia Wei's blog! Rite now next week is finals :( then short sem break!