Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hie From Singapore

Hie everyone.
Since I am still at Changi airport with some time to spare, I decided to update my blog.
Wanted to upload some pictures I took of the airport (including the seemingly decent chair I slept for about slightly more than an hour)but unfortunately, I left both my camera cable and charger in the checked-in luggage as mum was worried about my hand-luggage being too heavy...

But it's ok...still can scribble some words.

But it is going to be a short blog since I uninstalled Microsoft, so no 'canggih' words to use...hehe..

Hmm, got a warm farewell from my parents (who came all the way down to KL from Penang), aunt, sis as well as some nice CF-ers (Betsy, Jenn Ming and Issac). So nice of them to send me off. Love all of you guys

Of cause not to forget the heavy inflow of farewell msges I received from my lovely friends especially "zhu ren and the happy garden".

My dear was worried about me he even called to check on me when I'm here at Changi. So sweet :)

My cousin Esther was another sweetheart who dedicated a post in her blog specially for me. So touched la wei....hehe

Alright, I think I shall stop here. Update you guys again soon.

P.S: my best friend, sorry but looks like you need to wait a while more before I can reply to your post. you know which post right?

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